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ARIA Property in Limassol

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ARIA Property in Limassol FOR SALE

Starting 470,000 Euros with VAT
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Luxurious villas, neighborhood homes, suites, and real estate start from 470,000 euros with VAT

A prime location in one of the most desirable residential suburbs of Limassol

With a wonderful location within the suburbs of Limassol and is considered the most famous of all due to the stunning views of the Limassol coast and the Marina, in addition to its proximity to ARIA.

Five-star hotels in the city. It consists of 9 six luxurious villas, nine adjacent houses, twelve suites, and two residential houses. This place provides style

With the tastes of different customers, as it is surrounded by private swimming pools with a modern view of ARIA Al-Hayat, which is a few minutes away from the city. Fit for villas

Comfortable in the city, sea, and mountain. Perhaps the most prominent characteristic of these villas is the focus on the use of natural materials in construction in stone, Ayroco solid wood, and marble

Attracted by the view of the terraces, the high glass, the stairs, and the beautiful facades. Aria was lavish. This luxury and durability in design made villas

Townhouse with natural stone and terraces with hard Ayrocco. Aria groups have been separated using the same natural materials in building

Residential with green energetic views to enhance privacy and optimum distribution.

A glance

Type – luxury villas – adjacent houses – suites – residential property

Rooms – two or three rooms

Units – 29

Swimming pool/swimming pools

Status – under construction

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Price:  Starting 470,000 Euros with VAT


Type:  Residential




Status:  For Sale

City center: 



Property ID:  Ref# 1159

Terms and Conditions:  Status - under construction

Backyard or Front yard Garden:  Available

Swimming Pool:  Available

Muhmmad Itani



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