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Shop for Sale in Saida, Old Cloth Market

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Shop for Sale in Saida, Old Cloth Market FOR SALE

$ 550,000 Banker's Check
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Site Description

Sidon is the third-largest Lebanese city and the largest city in the South Governorate. Sidon is one of the oldest cities in the world, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea north of Tire, about 40 km away, and 50 km south of the capital Beirut. Sidon is an ancient city with a wide historical reputation. In the last decade of the last century, it witnessed rapid urban growth, which led to its expansion towards many neighboring villages that became part of its field.

Economic Value

The city plays a polarizing role at the level of the South Governorate, as it is the center of the province, and its distinctive location also provides it with a link between the South and Beirut, and its importance has increased after the implementation of the Southern Highway. The main departments, shops, banks, and the main educational, hospital and industrial establishments in Saida and its port provides additional opportunities for growth and polarization.

Saida Markets

 Many markets inside the ancient city of Sidon maintain their same professional color, where its professionals consider that they do not practice a profession to earn a living, but rather preserve its biography and its secrets as a kind of heritage preservation, and the markets of “carpenters, goldsmiths, weavers, kandarshaji” and others are evidence of that. While some of these markets began to change color and change the type of their goods in line with the requirements of the times. The stalls and clothing stores, accessories, jewelry, antiques, gifts and artisanal inside the “Al Bazerkan” market in the old city to print its new identity – “cocktail” in line with the needs of the city’s residents, its region, its camps and the movement of the emerging tourists in it. “The Museum of Soapy Returns”.

Shop Details

This three-story shop is located within the old cloth market and has an area of ​​about 450 square meters

Legal Status

This is the only store in the old market, whose owner has a green title deed

Selling Price and Payment Terms

$ 550,000 and the owner accepts a bank check

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Price:  $ 550,000 Banker's Check

Area:  450 square meters 

Type:  Commercial




Status:  For Sale

City center: 




Property ID:  Ref# 620

Available From:  June 12, 2020

Muhmmad Itani



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